Wine Prices

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Perhaps someone left you a bottle. Perhaps you found it squirreled away and long forgotten. Perhaps you are even an avid collector with hundreds of wines. You want to know what it is worth.

Buyers & Cellars Wine Consultants can offer you a Certified Wine Appraisal for your collection, or a quick quote for that ambiguous bottle. All appraisals are based on current replacement value for your wine.

[For Certified Appraisals: Since the cellars are not available for us to inspect, we must interview you about your storage conditions, and the condition of the wines].


Selling Wine
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It is illegal for private citizens to sell wine in almost every state. In Illinois the wine may be sold at auction, and in California alone, it can be sold openly.

That said, it is not uncommon for fine restaurants to buy a few bottles here and there. Collectors in your area may be willing to take particularly good bottles of your hands. Ask at local wine shops for leads. Be prepared to pay a commission. Also be prepared to tell the purchaser about the conditions the wine was stored in.

It is imperative to have an appraisal in order to know how much to sell a wine for. Be prepared to sell for approximately 50% less than the replacement value of the wine if you sell to a restaurant or store.

Auction companies around the world may be able to auction your collection legally. Check with your local laws regarding the shipment of wines.

Helping to Sell Your Wine
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Buying and selling of wine collections is one of our favorite pastimes. We charge 10% of the selling price. We know many buyers of wine, and there is always more people looking for wine, than fine wine available. If you have a large collection, or just a few bottles, we would be happy to turn them into cash for you.

Standard Disclaimer: Buyers & Cellars only acts as an agent. B&C assumes no responsibility for the legality of any agreement entered into by the parties involved. You should check with your State's Attorney General's Office if you are not familiar with the laws in your area. This offer is void where prohibited.

What is a Certified Appraisal?
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Appraisers have their own arcane way of doing things, and this brings joy to the insurance companies and other entities that interact with appraisers. A Certified Appraisal fulfills all the of the strictest requirements by spelling out in great detail how every aspect of the appraisal was performed. Painstaking exactitude is used in every nuance of language so that there can be no doubts what so ever about the scope and breadth of the appraisal. A Certified Appraisal is simply, the truth.

We also offer more modestly priced appraisals for those who are interested in the value of their wine, but are not worried about proving it.


Is this appraisal valid for insurance purposes?
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Our Certified Appraisals have been accepted as evidence in court cases, lawsuits and countless insurance investigations. There is no better written record of the value of your wine.

You should know that wine is rarely covered by your basic homeowners insurance. It almost always requires a specific rider. There are even companies that specialize in wine insurance, and may advertise in the back of wine periodicals.

Most insurance companies will require a well documented running inventory of the wines that you have consumed. They may not be willing to pay a lost if you can not provide an up to date inventory. We encourage you to maintain your inventories as well as possible, and to keep a copy in a fire proof safe.


What are your credentials?
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This is the most important question you should ask any appraiser. All of our appraisals are conducted by Stephen Reiss, C.W.E., Ph.D., a leader in wine appraising. His 15+ years of experience was recently recognized when he was asked to act as the sole source for an article on appraising wine damage, presented to the "Journal of Insurance Repair", the scholarly journal for damage investigators and appraisers.

Buyers & Cellars has prepared Certified Wine Appraisals for collections valued in the Millions, as well as for modest holdings of only a few bottles. We take the same care and attention for every Certified Appraisal we perform.


Replacement Value
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There are many ways to determine the value of an item. One of the most useful of these is "replacement value". Literally how much it would cost to replace the item on the current market. In the case of wine, market value is often determined by recent auction and retail activity. The replacement price of a bottle of wine is on the average twice as high as the selling price. If you are attempting to sell wines, keep in mind that retail outlets like stores or restaurants will only pay wholesale prices for the wines. Auctions and private collectors are more likely to fetch a price closer to replacement value.